Samurai Armor Experience and photo shooting!
Enjoy the delicious Japanese cuisine in the form of SAMURAI LORD!

NINJA SHINJUKU, a popular restaurant for delicious meal and entertainment. SENGOKU PHOTO STUDIO SAMURAI which you can photograph with samurai armor. It is a special plan with two shops collaborating!

January 8, 2018 (Mon)
Reservation accepted!!


Enjoy authentic armor experience and photography at SENGOKU PHOTO STUDIO SAMURAI.

The SHOGUN’s day begins.

Please choose your favorite armor.

Please choose your favorite background.

Experiencing authentic Chroma key shooting like movie posters and CM shoots.

Composite photograph captured with your favourite background by a professional designer.

You will move to NINJA SHINJUKU in wearing armor.

SENGOKU PHOTO STUDIO SAMURAI to NINJA SHINJUKU is a 5 minute drive away. You can also walk through the city with armor. Your mood will rise to the highest!

At the entrance, ninja will welcome you. It is exactly the SHOGUN feeling!

Enjoy a new Japanese cuisine in a private room that is suitable for the SHOGUN.

First you have a toast with armor! After the toast, remove the armor and dine in kimono. Shogun’s mood still lasts!

Please enjoy Japanese-inspired cuisine.

The ninja will show “nin-jutsu”

We will hand print goods created with photos taken at SENGOKU PHOTO STUDIO SAMURAI.

When you finish your meal, change your clothes and the plan is over. Payment is only credit card.
※Payment by cash is not available.
※Payment methods are available with various types of cards as below.


59,000 Yen per person(inclusive of GST)
59,000 Yen per person
(inclusive of GST)
Number of people accepted
※Drinks are an extra charge. 
※Target aged 12 years and over

(1)AM9:00 START
PM12:00 LUNCH/PM2:30 END

(2)PM3:00 START

※Depending on shooting time and traffic conditions during movement, the start time and end time of the meal will change.

The reservation can be canceled up to 2 days in advance.



Professionally dressed by our staff in your favorite armor and chroma key shooting while arranging the poses according to the background of your choice.

Background composite

Our designer will process for 4 composite photos from the photo shoot and the background of your choice. You confirm the data after photo shoot and select some photos for printing posters etc.

※In UME plan, please select [3 images] from the more than 30 images for the background( [Horse riding composite photograph ] cannot be selected ).


Digital silver halide printing service is available on the background composited data (4 data) .


Choose your favourite one from selected 4 background composited data to print a spectacular A2 size poster.

※ 1,000 Yen top up for A1 size.

Mug or Coaster

Choose your favorite one from 4 background composited data to print onto a mug or 3 coasters.


10 Postcards

Choose your favourite 1 from selected 4 background composited data to print onto postcards.


Download 4 of your photo shoot data from an online storage is available for a month.


  • Eight Dishes Course
  • 1.Cold appetizers
  • 2.Deep-fried dish
  • 3.Grilled sesame tofu in stone oven
  • 4.Dish from Ocean
  • 5.Seasonal soup bowl
  • 6.Baked dish in stone oven
  • 7.Freshly cooked rice by Earthen pot with pickles
  • 8.Heirloom magical sweets
  • ※Drinks are an extra charge.

Icon description

  • Armor Experience

  • Photo shoot in armor

  • Background composite

  • Sword Fighting

  • Horse-riding

  • Movieshooting

  • Photo print

  • Poster

  • Postcards

  • T-shirt

  • Mug

  • Coaster

  • CD-ROM

  • Download

The reservation can be canceled up to 2 days in advance.

You can select your favourite armor

Nobunaga Oda style

View larger image

Hideyoshi Toyotomi style

View larger image

Ieyasu Tokugawa style

View larger image

Mitsunari Ishida style

View larger image

Yukimura Sanada style

View larger image

Masamune Date style

View larger image

OHYOROI armor(with Maeda family crest)

View larger image

Black armor style

View larger image

Red armor style

View larger image

The reservation can be canceled up to 2 days in advance.

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