“UME PLAN” is recommended for those who wish to enjoy a special experience of wearing a full-scale armor reasonably. You will receive three photos in armor after the photo shoot.


14,800 Yen per person
(approx. 80 minutes)

※ Please contact us for a booking of 4 or more people. 

Payment can be made either by cash or credit card at our studio. (Visa/Master/American Express/JCB etc.)
All prices are inclusive of GST.



Professionally dressed by our staff in your favorite armor and chroma key shooting while arranging the poses according to the 3 background of your choice.

※Please select [3 images] from the more than 20 images for the background.

※ [Horse riding composite photograph ] cannot be selected in UME PLAN

Background composite

Our designer will process for 3 composite photos from the photo shoot and the background of your choice. You confirm the data after photo shoot and select some photos for printing posters etc.


Digital silver halide printing service is available on the background composited data (3 data) .


Choose your favorite one from selected 3 background composited data to print a spectacular A2 size poster.

※ 1,000 Yen top up for A1 size.


Download 3 of your photo shoot data from an online storage is available for a month.

Icon description

  • Armor Experience

  • Photo shoot in armor

  • Background composite

  • Sword Fighting

  • Horse-riding

  • Movieshooting

  • Photo print

  • Poster

  • Postcards

  • T-shirt

  • Mug

  • Coaster

  • CD-ROM

  • Download

You can select your favourite armor

※If your height is over 150 cm, armor for adults can be worn.

Nobunaga Oda style

View larger image

Hideyoshi Toyotomi style

View larger image

Ieyasu Tokugawa style

View larger image

Mitsunari Ishida style

View larger image

Yukimura Sanada style

View larger image

Masamune Date style

View larger image

OHYOROI armor(with Maeda family crest)

View larger image

Black armor style

View larger image

Red armor style

View larger image

Yukimura Sanada style
(for children)
(7~10 years old)

View larger image

Yoshitsune Minamoto style
(for children)
(8~10 years old)

View larger image

Masamune Date style
(for children)
(3~7 years old)

View larger image


Photo shoot

Additional background data1,500 Yen
Additional background data(Horse-riding)3,000 Yen

Printable goods

T-shirt4,800 Yen
Mug2,100 Yen
Tote bag3,200 Yen
Coaster (set of selectable 3 photos)2,100 Yen
Cushion(Large)4,800 Yen/(Small)3,200 Yen
A1 size poster3,200 Yen
A2 size Poster2,100 Yen


CD-ROM (includes all data of wearing armor, memorable shot, background composited data, etc.)6,900 Yen

All prices are inclusive of GST.


Shipping service available with EMS (Express Mail Service). An additional shipment fee will be required.

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