SAMURAI Experience for Couple

SAMURAI Experience for Couple

For couples coming to Sengoku Photo Studio SAMURAI for the Armor Experience, we have a special option. This option is free of charge.

After we take pictures of the armor experience, we will put her in a kimono called UCHIKAKE STYLE. I thank you both for coming to Studio Samurai with us. Let me take her UCHIKAKE STYLE pictures as well.

One of the photos we will take will be a two-shot of you and her, and we will also take one photo of her alone.
We will then combine the photos with a background and provide you with prints and data. The studio staff will decide the background for the composite. Please understand that the background will be decided by the studio staff.



If you would like to have this photo taken, you do not need to make a reservation in advance, but it would be great if you could write “I would like to try the UCHIKAKE STYLE” in the remarks column when you make a reservation for the armor experience.




The UCHIKAKE is originally worn over a kimono, but since you will be wearing it over her clothes, there is no time for her to change.



I hope she will enjoy Studio SAMURAI a lot as she comes to this place with you to experience Armor.


**Notes on the UCHIKAKE experience
– UCHIKAKE is not available in children’s sizes
– Taking a picture wearing UCHIKAKE is a free service, but only one UCHIKAKE experience is allowed per armorer experience.
– If you wish to have more than one UCHIKAKE experience, an additional fee will be charged. Please consult with us.


What is UCHIKAKE ?

Uchikake (打ち掛け) are highly formal women’s over-kimono. The name uchikake comes from the Japanese verb uchikake-ru, “to drape upon”, originating in roughly the 16th century from a fashion among the ruling classes of the time to wear kimono unbelted over the shoulders of one’s other garments. The uchikake progressed into being an over-kimono worn by samurai women before being adopted some time in the 20th century as bridal wear.

『TOKYO SURPRISE!』 was chosen

Collaboration campaign

“Sengokuus Photo Studio SAMURAI” was chosen as a popular highlight of the “trip advisor” experience spot introduction that can be reached by metropolitan traffic.

From November 23rd to January 2019, “Samurai photos” will also appear on the posters of the Tokyo Metro station and campaigns posted on the train!

“TripAdvisor” is a site where travelers actually post reviews and post reviews.

We are having fun with customers like SAMURAI who are home and abroad. We are experiencing the armor together and shooting.


・The armor is made in Japan.

In the armor studio, the type of armor is also the most.

・The lighting of the photographic equipment also has full-fledged equipment, so you can take pictures of beautiful and cool finish.

・A dedicated designer will do CG processing as if it were a movie poster on the spot and finish it as SAMURAI photograph which is not unique.

・Within the studio you can shoot freely with your camera.


It is “Sengoku Photo Studio SAMURAI” that enjoys the armor experience!


【TOKYO SURPRISE! Special Site】

Take the Tokyo Metro and visit “Sengoku Photo Studio SAMURAI”!


Let’s enjoy the cherry blossoms (sakura) without worrying about the weather

There are many travelers in Japan in March and April. There are many international tourists looking forward to Japanese cherry blossoms (sakura).
However, cherry blossoms are susceptible to temperature and temperature, so planning a trip is difficult.
There are times when you can not see cherry blossoms even if you come to Japan.
Sengoku Photo Studio SAMURAI has a background of cherry blossoms. Besides spring, it is popular throughout the year.


It is cherry blossoms and a castle. It is Kumamoto Castle. This is a common combination.

sakura armor


It is a background surrounded by more cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms bloom in trees and it is difficult to take pictures of cherry blossoms. It is a picture that can only be taken here.

sakura armor


Many of the photos are fighting with armor, but Sakura and Castle are symbols of Japan, so SAMURAI can also be taken cool.

sakura armor


Let ‘s take a picture of cherry blossoms with us without concern for the weather. I am waiting for your visit.