All shooting data will be provided.
Our Samurai Experience specialists will provide you with a high quality shooting experience!

32,780YEN(tax included)

Recommended to enjoy the experience of wearing full-scale authentic armor reasonably.

See the details of UME course and the prices

38,280YEN(tax included)

The valued plan to experience a popular Horse riding. (Composite photograph)

See the details of TAKE course and the prices

43,780YEN(tax included)

The plan to enjoy fully with receiving 6 composite data including horse riding. (Composite photograph)

See the details of MATSU course and the prices

【1 person performs】80,000YEN
88,000YEN(tax included)
【2 performers】160,000YEN
176,000YEN(tax included)

You will appear in a short movie produced by the staff who are active in movies and TV dramas. You will appear in the movie! You will play “Date Masamune” or “Sanada Yukimura, one of the most popular military commanders.

See the details of Movie course and the prices

We have special options for couples who would like to experience the experience. This option is free! After taking a photo of you in armor, we will dress your partner in an uchikake kimono (it is easy to put on).

See the details of UCHIKAKE for Couple