Photo Shoot Plans

14,800YEN(inclusive of GST)
Recommended to enjoy the experience of wearing full-scale authentic armor reasonably.

See the details of UME course and the prices

17,800YEN(inclusive of GST)
The valued plan to experience a popular Horse riding. (Composite photograph)

See the details of TAKE course and the prices

22,800YEN(inclusive of GST)
The plan to enjoy fully with receiving 8 composite data including horse riding. (Composite photograph)

See the details of MATSU course and the prices

29,800YEN(inclusive of GST)
The plan for full fun with the Sengoku photo studio and receiving SAMURAI movie and the armor scene photographs.

See the details of KIRI course and the prices

59,000YEN(inclusive of GST)
(1 person)

It begins and ends with REI ? a bow -.
Samurai Sword Training plan

See the details of Samurai Sword Training Plan and the prices

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